The Best Value in Vinyl Seawalls

Vinyl sheet piling has been a solution of choice for protecting coastal land from erosion since the mid-1990s. It is a proven product, and millions of feet of shoreline bordering oceans, canals, lakes, streams and ponds has been protected by vinyl sheet piling. It is an attractive, functional product that can add value to any waterfront property. Tidewall is also used effectively as flood walls, either free-standing or to raise the height of existing dikes. Or as cut-off walls, controlling the subterranean movement of water to prevent the undercutting of above-ground structures. Many applications that have used steel sheet piling, wood, or concrete in the past can be converted to Tidewall vinyl sheet piling, resulting in a permanent, high quality wall for a significantly lower cost than these alternatives.

Thicker, Deeper, Stronger

Tidewall vinyl seawalls offer the best value among vinyl seawall suppliers. The structural performance of a seawall is directly tied to the quality and dimensions of each extruded sheet. Tidewall uses only 100% window grade UV stabilized PVC compound throughout the seawall. Window grade PVC is the best quality PVC compound for producing seawall; far better than siding, fence, or pipe grade in terms of UV stability and impact resistance. Tidewall seawalls are deliberately designed to be slightly thicker and slightly deeper than competitive alternatives. This gives added performance and structural strength to a Tidewall seawall.

More Affordable

While other seawall suppliers are offering thinner, less structurally strong products to cut costs, Tidewall has vertically integrated. We control all aspects of the manufacturing process, keeping our costs low. As a result, Tidewall can provide high quality vinyl sheet piling products at a very affordable price. You may contact to request a quote or we will help you find a contractor in your area.

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